Work as a Dealer in a casino is a dream or not?

Dealer in a casino The world of gambling seems to be so pleasing, especially when it comes to those who work in casinos and take the actual part in games from the inside, sometimes not even knowing the croupier meaning.

When a passionate game lover has a look at this he/she might think that there are only benefits that jobs in casino give. You play, you are told more tips, you have more power knowing about all the jackpots etc.

But there are some factors any dealer should consider before plunging into this business.

Earning a lot

The first thing that comes to any mind when searching for a job is a salary. And we all should know that the money the casino pays a dealer directly is way too slim. The Bureau of Labor statistic says that in average a casino dealer makes $14,700 per year. But generally it all starts from $7 an hour. Not very impressive, isn’t it?

But we both know that the real money of the star dealer pay rate comes not from the salary. The real cash is made from tips. Well, in the United States it is definitely so. In other countries dealer may be compensated with higher salary paying instead of receiving tips.

The average amount including tips and benefits for casino table games dealers and other workers vary a lot. Starting from $30 000 a year it can reach $100 000 or even more. But when it comes to the newcomers, the situation is definitely not so sunny.

What factors influence the earnings

Dealer in a casinoWhen a dealer starts his career, he may be forced to work at less popular, non-seasonal fields of games. Moreover some casinos may share the tips between dealers. In this case no matter how good you are as a roulette dealer, for example, your salary will also depend on your coworkers.

If you are not a people person, it will be hard to be player’s favorite. And that restricts the possibility to get tips. So it is not only about skills, it is also about social communication.

Tips don’t depend upon the amount of a player rates and winnings. It happens that games with lower limits draw players who are having fun for relaxation. And relaxed players tip better, because this money are found for them anyway.

Time to skip to real downsides

Poker dealers are siting while dealing the games. But that is not for other table games, where dealers are standing throughout the shift. Of course, they have a break,- typical 20 minutes off. But this stable position at the table can be tiring both, physically and mentally.

Human factors and emotional basis play magnificent role in any working spheres. And here it is all about kindness of the players, who like to berate dealers for their own bad play. And we are not talking about situation when except a player bad luck, a dealer also impaired everything by making mistakes. Plus an eye of casino surveillance is always watching dealers for anything suspicious.

What about benefits

You don’t need much be get into a dealer field: well-qualified dealer school, like Trainee Dealer Crown, for example, can teach you the basics just in 2 month. Some casinos even have their own in-house training schools, especially if they are going to open soon and want their stuff to know what is a croupier and how it differs from the other dealer professions.

The other benefit goes to scheduling, cause casinos work 24/365, so dealers have the ability to work odd hours or to have some time off. And in this case you have to become friends with a scheduler not to be assigned for slow times and inconvenient hours.

And finally, big corporations operate most of casinos so they care about their workers by giving benefits like retirement programs, health plans etc. There is also a chance that you will be allowed to transfer to another city and work in the casino of the same operator, or be a dealer on a cruise ship and combine traveling with work.