Ways to increase the payout percentage in pokies

payout percentage in pokiesPayout percentage in pokies is the most important topic for all punters. Everyone dreams of catching a good moment so that there is a real opportunity to change this percentage in their favor. Unfortunately, the most experienced gamblers, who understand the devices of gaming technology, are well aware that the money percentage cannot be changed. But there is one way you can increase your income. To do this, you need to adjust the distinguishing payouts depending on the number of coins. If the sum of coins is equal to the best value, then the maximum fee increases.

However, this method of increasing their income can be used not only by game participants, but also by the casino owners themselves.

Suppose today the payout percentage was 98%, and the next day it inexplicably dropped to 90%. In proven institutions, such as Softswiss casinos, such, of course, is unacceptable. In many countries, such fraud can be imprisoned. In most cases, such actions must be coordinated with special guarantors. There are pokies in which from the very beginning the required percentage of payments within a given framework is spelled out. Let’s say 82-92% or 85-96%, and only in this range can the settings of the pokie program be adjusted.

But this range can be changed in favor of the casino. To do this, you just need to hack the program of the pokie machine. Some casinos use hacked machines to increase their profits and reduce payments to punters. To avoid such cases, pokie machine lovers can find proven online casinos. Such institutions use honest RNG (random number generators).

How to increase income

There are several efficient ways by which you can increase your percentage without changing the given algorithms of work. In this case, the punter, without breaking the rules, can get a higher percentage of payments.

  1. The easiest way is to change the parameters in the paytable by the user. However, there are cases in which everything is provided for and it will not work to change the table. In pokies such as bonus spins, specific combinations of symbols, and others. For example, when three winning symbols appear, in the subsequent spin, the machine doubles the line bets several times.

To reduce the amount of icons that appear on the screen of pokies, you can use outdated versions of the machines. The only sad thing is that although the percentage of winning increases, the amount of income decreases. Which, unfortunately, has a detrimental effect on overall payments.

  1. It is also possible to replace some symbols with others, using pokies and pokies in old machines. For example, if you swap a winning symbol for a regular one, then it becomes possible to win a bunch of small prizes. This is because the probability of winning simple symbols is much higher than that of bonus symbols, so there are always fewer winning ones (payment for simple combinations is small than for prize money). After that, according to the total income of payments, you can find out whether it turned out to change the result for the better.

How things really are

It is unlikely that popular and famous casinos will deceive people — they have a reputation more important. To understand more about this, it is worth studying the resources that present top online casinos — например, https://bestnetentcasino.info/en/. As for little-known and dubious establishments, then doubts arise. They may be turning up their pokies, leaving punters with nothing.